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10 Research Initiation Grants MED – “Summer With Science 2022”

10 Research Initiation Grants MED – “Summer With Science 2022”

A call for tenders is open for 10 Research Initiation Grants (BII) within the scope of the special support summer with Science 2022 to the MED - Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Envrionment and Development (UID 05183), financed by national funds through the...

Nutrition and Oral Biology in Health and Disease

Nutrition and Oral Biology in Health and Disease

Invitation to submit in the Research Topic "Nutrition and Oral Biology in Health and Disease". Keywords: Food choices, Diet, Nutrition, Oral biology, Oral health Topic Editors: Fernando Capela e Silva (MED, Universidade de Évora)Elsa Lamy (MED, Universidade de...

OCT 19-21, 2022

X International Conference FuegoRED 2022

The X FuegoRED 2022 International Congress will be held for the first time in Évora (Portugal), from the 19th to the 21st of October 2022. Organized in collaboration with the research centers MED, ICT and HERCULES Laboratory of the University of Évora, the FuegoRED 2022 congress will be focused on “Fire as a disruptor/regulator of the different ecosystem services”. Special attention will be given to the negative and positive effects of fire on the different ecosystem services. This congress will involve experts in forest fires, including scientists, students, managers, and beneficiaries of ecosystem services affected by wildfires.

Abstract submission was extended to 1st september 2022.  

For more information please visit the event website:


OCT 26-28, 2022

XIIIrd International seminar of the FONCIMED network

The XIIIrd International seminar of the FONCIMED network will be held at the University of Évora, Portugal between 26th and 28th October 2022.

The Main topics of this Seminar entitled “Agricultural uses of water and intensification of production systems: what impacts on land resources?“ are:

Water is a fundamental and limited resource, which induces major risks at the global level. On the scale of the Mediterranean basin, the water constraint is already present and is likely to increase drastically in the coming years, giving rise to environmental and geopolitical tensions. In this context, the modalities of agricultural use of water have an impact not only on the balance between resources – water/soil/biodiversity/landscape – but also on land tenure systems.

In this context, we are witnessing major changes in agricultural systems, whether it be the evolution of traditional systems towards hyper-intensive modes of production, investments by multinational companies or changes induced by public policies in the north and south of the Mediterranean (CAP, Green Morocco Plan, etc.). The dynamics of intensification of traditional systems has been the subject of research, particularly with regard to its effect on water resources. On the other hand, the consequences of these changes on land structures in the strict sense, or territorial structures in the broader sense, by considering the economic, environmental and social dimensions, need to be further documented, taking into account in particular the implementation of regulatory tools and mechanisms.

The expected presentations will therefore aim to analyze the current dynamics of water resources use in relation to their consequences on land resources. The impact of changes on existing agricultural systems, the proposal of indicators or evaluation of changes, the proposal of adapted governance systems or the anticipation of foreseeable consequences, as well as proposals for alternative models of modernization of agriculture, more anchored on the territory, will be addressed.

The main focus of the seminar is on the relationship between water and land resources management, and will be the subject of a thematic publication. In addition, other research topics related to land tenure systems, usually discussed in the framework of the Foncimed network, and likely to offer a contemporary view on changes at work in Mediterranean agricultural systems, are also welcome and will benefit from a particular visibility within the program.

Important dates:

The call for papers are open until 23 May 2022.
Date of notification of acceptance: 27 June 2022
Deadline for registration to the seminar: from the acceptance of the abstract until 19 September 2022

For more detailed information please read this document.

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