PhD Programs

The ICAAM participates, as an associated research centre, in the following PhD programs, in which are enrolled 133 students.

In 2019, the number of registered students for each PhD Programme was the following:

PhD Programme in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

PhD Programme in Biology

PhD Programme in Food Sciences

PhD Programme in Veterinary Sciences

PhD Programme in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management

PhD Programme in Biochemistry

PhD Programme in Agribusiness & Sustainability


5 PhD Students presented the PhD thesis in 2019

Transition pathways: Assessing land management strategies in Mediterranean areas

Student: Luís Filipe Lucas Barroso
PhD Programme: Interdisciplinary Landscape Management
Conclusion: 04/04/2019

A spatially explicit methodology for assessing and monitoring land degradation neutrality at a national scale

Student: Helene Wanjiru Gichenje
PhD Programme: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Conclusion: 13/12/2019

The use of salivary proteome for understanding dog obesity

Student: Sónia Félix Vilas Boas de Lucena
PhD Programme: Veterinary Sciences
Conclusion: 02/05/2019

Labelling of proteinaceous binders in art

Student: Ooi Su Yin
PhD Programme: Biochemistry
Conclusion: 10/07/2019