Environmental & Climate Changes

Thematic Line

Human societies are confronted with a myriad of environmental challenges including climate change (CC), dwindling resource availability, degradation of ecosystems, and loss of biodiversity. Addressing these challenges has become increasingly intricate due to the cross-system interactions between human being and the environment.

These issues have profound implications for production systems, societal well-being, developmental trajectories, and environmental stability. Interdisciplinary studies are imperative to strategise and prepare for the anticipated consequences of global transformations. The research endeavors will be cross-sectoral within MED's Thematic Lines (TL).

Research questions will encompass:

1) adaptation of Montado systems to CC;

2) vulnerability of pasturelands and adaptation strategies to CC;

3) management of disturbance regimes (e.g., rural fires) and landscape dynamics;

4) impacts of CC on livestock health (e.g., emergent diseases);

5) influence of water availability on crops and soils (e.g., water stress);

6) development of animal breeds and plant genetic lines resilient to CC;

7) natural dynamics of biodiversity and ecosystems at large scales and adaptive mechanisms at different organisational levels;

8) a nature-based approach to production systems towards sustainability, highlighting the interconnectedness between landscape management and ecosystem services.

Expected Results

The envisioned outcomes include empowered stakeholders, informed public policies, enhanced sustainability in Mediterranean systems, and the development of adaptation and mitigation tools to address climate change and other significant challenges.

Miguel Bastos Araújo


Miguel Bastos Araújo







Environmental & Climate Changes Thematic Line Members

Denis Ricardo Isidro Medinas


Denis Ricardo Isidro Medinas