Organic World Congress 2021 | Pre-conference

PRE- CONFERENCE | 5 – Seed Ambassadors: Building an International Network to Advance Organic Seed Systems

Date: 6 – 7 September 2021
Format: Hybrid (online and physical)

For two days and before the official opening of the OWC, professionals and researchers from around the world are invited to share their latest research, work and reflections among peers during pre-conferences.

Complementing the congress, pre-conferences offer longer exchange times for smaller groups of experts and professionals, bringing together specialists from all over the world and helping strengthen networking between these actors. Proposed themes will thus be addressed in depth, with the real objective of joint reflection and action.

Join farmers, breeders, seed activists, students, NGOs and community seed networks to celebrate the diversity of culture, food, seeds and methodologies!

Visit the event website (here) for more informations.