Sergio Prats Alegre

Sergio Prats Alegre

Soil, water and climate, Integrated in MED
Soil, water and climate
Integrated in MED


Sergio Prats concluded his European PhD in 2013 under the Marine & Environmental PhD program (PROMAR) in the University of Aveiro, and has a MsC degree in Environmental Sciences in the University of Coimbra. Bachelor in Environmental Sciences (2003) and Pedagogic Specialization Course (2005). He is auxiliary researcher at the University of Évora MED – Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development. In total, I participate in 13 ongoing + 20 past research projects. From these, 19 were funded by the Portuguese government (FCT-funded, H2020, PRR, Compete), 8 by the European Union, 2 by USA and 3 by the Spanish government. His work has resulted in publications in indexed international journals across different disciplines: environment, earth-surface and soil sciences and nature conservation and environmental engineering. He works in the area of Environmental Engineering and Agrarian Sciences with emphasis on Soil Science, and also in Engineering and Technology. In his cv Ciência Vitae the most frequent terms are: Runoff; Soil erosion; Wildfire; Emergency treatments; land management; Mulching; Polyacrylamide; SOM; carbon stocks; Subsurface flow; Streamflow; Soil moisture; Eucalypt; Pine; Terracing.

Summary of publication indexes (February 2023):   

·   53 publications including: 

- 36 SCI papers published in research journals (82% at Q1; 64% at D1  journals on their category; 13 papers as 1st author), - 10 papers published at national open access journals (38% as 1st author)   -   7 book chapters

·   138 contributions to national and international (82%) conferences: more than 50 oral presentations and lectures / 20 by invitation   

·   Member of organizing and/or scientific committee of 6 International conferences

·   45 disseminations and outreach activities in Radio, TV, news and websites

·   Reviewer for 17 SCI research journals since 2013

·   148 citations per year in SCOPUS (136 in Publons) since 2018   


  • Thompson Reuter: 47 documents, 35 WOS papers, 1067 cites, h-index=20, 19 reviews

  • Scopus: 35 documents, 1199 citations, h-index=21

  • Google scholar: 97 documents, 1684 citations, h-index=23

  • Researchgate: 79 documents, 1512 citations, h-index=21, RIS score=752.2

  • Personal webpages:



Present Research
  • wildfires
  • soil carbon forms
  • soil restoration
  • soil cover
Research Interests
  • carbon balance
  • soil restoration
  • soil hydrology
  • soil erosion

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Thematic lines to which I contribute:
Olive Groves & Olive Oil
Agro-silvo-pastoral System - Montado
Rural Dynamics & Governance
Viticulture & Enology
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning

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Project Funding Lead Institution Role Start End Scope
SOLVO – SOLuções baseadas em cobertura do solo com mulch e biochar procedentes de resíduos do lagar para reverter processos de desertificação nos oliVais do MediterrâneO. FCT - Projetos de IC&DT em todos os Domínios Científicos - 2022 Universidade de Évora MED Representative 2023-01-01 2025-12-31 Nacional
Agenda Mobilizadora: Driving Sustainable Growth Through Smart Innovation (Vine and Wine Portugal) Gran Cruz Porto-Sociedade Comercial de Vinhos Lda Participant 2022-07-22 2025-12-31 Nacional