MED-UAlg researcher joins international team dedicated to polysaccharide research and education

Jan 29, 2024MED News

Bruno Medronho, a MED researcher at the University of the Algarve, was part of a team of 27 internationally renowned scientists from 13 European countries with the aim of building a common vision for the future of polysaccharide research and education in Europe.

This joint effort resulted in the drafting of a research roadmap “European Polyssacharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE) 2040”, which was also published in the form of a scientific article (link here). 

The research roadmap aims to address the most relevant scientific issues surrounding sustainable solutions based on biomass and polysaccharides and covers five strategic areas: materials and engineering; food and nutrition; biomedical applications; basic sciences (chemistry, biology and physics); skills.

Polysaccharides are essential for life and for the sustainable future of our planet. Advances in polysaccharide science and technology will contribute to achieving the five goals of the EU’s bioeconomy strategy and climate neutrality by 2050. These natural polymers will be at the centre of tomorrow’s world, as the transition to sustainable technologies is crucial for the future of humanity. The proper utilisation of polysaccharides has the potential to increase biodiversity, improve food security and sustainability, and reduce CO2 emissions and pollution.