MED researcher was invited speaker at EGF 2024 & EGF2026 announcement in Évora

Jun 28, 2024MED News

Helena Guimarães, MED researcher at the University of Évora, was one of the invited speakers at the latest edition of the General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, which took place in the Netherlands from 9 to 13 June.

The invitation, which at first came as a surprise [because her research doesn’t focus on grasslands, but on the use of a socio-ecological approach, the implementation of transdisciplinary processes and decision support], demonstrates the breadth of topics covered by the Federation. Helena Guimarães’ presentation was entitled “The intricate pathway for the future grasslands; who comes first, people or policy?” and was an excellent opportunity to share the approach used over the last 9 years of the Montado Tertulias and which can be transported to other research contexts dedicated to understanding complex sustainability problems that involve collective action.

The end of this meeting was marked by the announcement that the next edition will be held in Évora. From 12 to 16 April 2026, the University of Évora will host the 31st EGF General Meeting under the organisation of the Portuguese Pasture and Forage Society, in the person of Professor José Fragoso de Almeida, who took over the presidency of the SPPF, the MED and INIAV.

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