PhD Thesis Public Discussion in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management
Spatial Interaction Model – An Instrument for Spatial Planning and Analysis
Paulo Jorge Ávila da Silveira
21 September 2020 (14H00) | Room 205 of the Vimioso Palace of the University of Évora


President: (by delegation of the Director of the Institute for Research and Advanced Training)

  • Dr. Teresa Pinto Correia, Full Professor at the University of Évora.


  • Doctor José Joaquim da Silva Dias Coelho, Full Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa;
  • Doctor José António Pereira Tenedório, Associate Professor at the New University of Lisbon;
  • João Paulo Tavares de Almeida Fernandes, Associate Professor, University of Évora;
  • Doctor Maria de Belém Ferreira da Silva da Costa Freitas, Assistant Professor at the University of Algarve;
  • Dr. Tomáz Lopes Cavalheiro Ponce Dentinho, Assistant Professor at the University of the Azores, supervisor;
  • Dr. José Rafael Munoz-Rojas Monerés, Researcher of MED – University of Évora.