Ana Cristina Andrade Gonçalves

Ana Cristina Andrade Gonçalves

Landscape Dynamics and Management, Integrated in MED
Landscape Dynamics and Management
Integrated in MED


Ana Cristina Gonçalves is Assistant Professor with Habilitation at the University of Évora, in Department of Rural Engineering, Portugal and researcher at the Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development (MED). Holds a PhD in Forestry. Has authored more than 100 publications and participated in 20 research projects. Research is focused on silviculture and modelling in pure, mixed, even aged and uneven aged stands; forest management and planning integrated in a GIS environment and forest biomass modelling.

Present Research
  • forest planning
  • stand structure
  • forest biomass
  • forest management
  • silviculture
Research Interests
  • forest biomass
  • silviculture
  • modelling
  • mixed stands
  • uneven aged stands

Personal Information

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Thematic lines to which I contribute:
Agro-silvo-pastoral System - Montado
Olive Groves & Olive Oil

Publications & Patents



Project Funding Lead Institution Role Start End Scope
FERTIPINEA - Nutrição e fertilização do pinheiro manso em sequeiro e regadio Portugal 2020 - PDR 2020 INIAV - Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária MED Representative 2018-01-02 2021-12-23 Nacional
PEN-CAFoRR - Pan-European Network for Climate Adaptative Forest Restauration and Reforestation European Commission - COST Action University of Belgrade(Sérvia) MED Representative 2020-10-08 2024-10-07 Internacional