João Manuel Pereira Ramalho Serrano

João Manuel Pereira Ramalho Serrano

Farming Technology and Energy Efficiency, Integrated in MED
Farming Technology and Energy Efficiency
Integrated in MED


Zootechnical Engineer (1988- University of Évora) is effective member of Portuguese Order of Engineers with the professional certificate nº 23653. Doctor (PhD) in Agricultural Sciences (area Agricultural Mechanization) by the University of Évora (2002) and Aggregation in Agricultural Sciences (area Precision Agriculture) by the University of Évora.

Currently is Associate Professor with Aggregation at Rural Engineering Department of University of Évora.

Since 1991 to the present, Lecturer at University of Évora with pedagogical and scientific experience in areas of Agricultural Mechanization, Precision Agriculture, Topography and Sport Sciences (Futsal).

Is full member at the Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development (MED) at the University of Évora.  Coordination/participation in several research national and international projects related to Precision Agriculture. Main research areas: precision agriculture; pastures management at montado ecosystem; proximal and remote sensing; tractor and implement performance monitors; optimization of the tillage operations; variable rate technology (VRT). Is author or co-author of more than 100 research articles in journals with international impact (ISI).

Present Research
  • Sensors
  • Agricultural Mechanization
  • Montado ecosystem
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Proximal and Remote Sensing
  • Variable Rate Technology
Research Interests
  • Proximal Sensors
  • Variable Rate Technology
  • Agricultural Mechanization
  • Tractor Instrumentation
  • Soil Tillage
  • Precision Agriculture

Personal Information

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Thematic lines to which I contribute:
Agro-silvo-pastoral System - Montado
Animal Production & Health
Viticulture & Enology
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning

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Project Funding Lead Institution Role Start End Scope
GO SOLO - Promoção de práticas agrícolas conservadoras do solo através da demonstração. expedita e a baixo custo. do seu impacto na matéria orgânica Portugal 2020 - PDR 2020 Terraprima - Serviços Ambientais. Sociedade Unipessoal. Lda MED Representative 2017-01-01 2021-12-31 Nacional
Regadio de Precisão Portugal 2020 - PDR 2020 TPRO - Technologies. Lda MED Representative 2017-01-02 2020-12-31 Nacional
GO Fósforo - Viabilização de pastagens semeadas biodiversas através da otimização da fertilização fosfatada Portugal 2020 - PDR 2020 Terraprima - Serviços Ambientais. Sociedade Unipessoal. Lda MED Representative 2017-12-01 2021-12-31 Nacional