Diogo André Alves Salgado Alagador

Diogo André Alves Salgado Alagador

Biodiversity and Climate Change, Integrated no MED
Biodiversity and Climate Change
Integrated no MED


Personal Information

Institutional Emailalagador@uevora.pt


Peer-Reviewed and Indexed Journals

Chacón-Prieto F, Rodríguez-Soto C, Cuervo-Robayo AP, Monroy JCC, Alagador D. 2021. Protected areas in Central Mexico - are they fit in promoting species persistence under climate and land use changes?. Biological Conservation 260:109186. 10.1016/j.biocon.2021.109186Research Group involved: Biodiversity and Climate Change

Peer-Reviewed and Indexed Journals

Alagador D, Orestes Cerdeira J. 2020. Revisiting the minimum set cover, the maximal coverage problems and a maximum benefit area selection problem to make climate-change-concerned conservation plans effective. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11, 1325-1337. 10.1111/2041-210X.13455Research Group involved: Biodiversity and Climate Change

Book Chapter

Alagador D. 2020. New Paradigms for Modern Biogeography Conservation. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1-18. 10.1007/978-3-319-71065-5_131-1Research Group involved: Biodiversity and Climate Change


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AgroSatAdapt - Territórios Inteligentes 2050: sistemas biossocieconómicos & sustentabilidade ambiental la CAIXA PROMOVE MED Representative 0000-00-00 0000-00-00 Nacional