María José Aliaño González

María José Aliaño González

Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Integrated in MED
Plant Genetics and Biotechnology
Integrated in MED


Throughout my training, I have acquired extensive knowledge about chemistry in general, and analytical chemistry in particular. These have allowed me to develop different methods based on current analytical techniques that have great advantages with great results in several fields of knowledge such as detection of adulterated products in the agri-food industry or in the correct treatment of their waste, studies which have formed part of my doctoral thesis. In addition, I have carried out several investigations in the field of forensic sciences for the detection and discrimination of accelerators in fire remnants or in aqueous spills in order to minimize their consequences, find their source of origin, and prevent their recurrence. and take legal action if necessary. During 2020, I went through competitive process to become a researcher of group II in a government institution (Instituto Andaluz de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera). Until April of 2021, I have worked in the development of methods based on chromatographic techniques for the detection and quantification of bioactive compounds (stilbenes, phenolic compounds, amino acids, biogenic amines, etc.) of


wine and subproducts of vine such as shoots, pomaces, leaves, etc. From April of 2021 until December of 2021 I worked as a substitute teacher in the Analytical Chemistry department of the University of Cádiz with 24.24 ECTS taught and I carried on my research labor in this University in agrifood sciences like the analysis of interesting compounds (anthocyanins, phenolic compounds, etc.) in food matrixes or the detection and quantification of adulteration using volatile compounds. Currently, I enjoy a Margarita Salas postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the University of Cádiz with European funds and which I am doing at the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal). During my research trajectory, I have been part of three research projects, and I have published a total of 33 articles on JCR indexed journals. In addition, I have presented the results of my investigations in 13 oral communication and 14 posters in the international and national congress. I have received 5 awards in recognition of my investigation and their scientific value from different institutions which have allowed me to keep on growing in my science career. To finish, I have taken part in the organization and development of educative activities for more than 326 hours with high school students and society in general with the purpose of extending the labor of chemistry in our lives.

Present Research
  • deep eutectic solvents
  • health-related properties
  • forest residues
  • by-products
  • circular economy
  • extraction
Research Interests
  • forensic chemistry
  • agrifood sciences
  • bioactive compounds
  • environmental sciences
  • adulterations
  • analytical chemistry

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Reabilitando Residuos Agrofloestais: Das Interações Intermoleculares em Polifenois Naturais ao Desenvolvimento de Novos Biomateriais de Valor Acrescentado. PTDC 2017; 9471-RIDTI; Silvicultura Universidade do Algarve Participant 2018-09-29 2022-09-28 Nacional