Luís Alexandre Piteira Gomes

Luís Alexandre Piteira Gomes

Applied Ecology and Conservation, Integrated no MED
Applied Ecology and Conservation
Integrated no MED


Degree in Biology from the University of Évora (2002), Master in Conservation Biology from the University of Évora (2005) and PhD in Biology from the University of Évora (2013). I developed research in ecology, ethology, eco-ethology, road ecology and conservation biology with a focus on different taxonomic groups. My area of expertise is eco-ethology of vertebrates related to intraspecific communication. Currently my main research interests include the study of deterministic factors of eco-ethology of several species of vertebrates, modeling and macroecological analysis of distribution patterns of vertebrate species, the impact of anthropomorphic activities on the distribution of species, study the patterns of biodiversity, and biodiversity conservation.

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Gomes L, Nobre T, Sousa A, Rei F, Guiomar N. 2020. Hyperspectral Reflectance as a Basis to Discriminate Olive Varieties—A Tool for Sustainable Crop Management. Sustainability 12(7):3059. DOI:10.3390/su12073059Research Groups involved: Applied Ecology and Conservation Farming Technology and Energy Efficiency Landscape Dynamics and Management Plant protection