Rui Mariano Sousa da Cruz

Rui Mariano Sousa da Cruz

Food science and technology, Integrated no MED
Food science and technology
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Peer-Reviewed and Indexed Journals

Lima AR, Gama F, Castañeda-Loaiza V, Costa C, Schüler LM, Santos T, Salazar M, Nunes C, Cruz RMS, Varela J, Barreira L. 2021. Nutritional and Functional Evaluation of Inula crithmoides and Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum Grown in Different Salinities for Human Consumption. Molecules 26:4543. 10.3390/molecules26154543Research Group involved: Food science and technology

Peer-Reviewed and Indexed Journals

Khubber S, Chaturvedi K, Taghi GSM, Cruz RM, Lorenzo JM, Gehlot R, Barba FJ. 2020. Non-conventional osmotic solutes (honey and glycerol) improve mass transfer and extend shelf life of hot-air dried red carrots: Kinetics, quality, bioactivity, microstructure, and storage stability. LWT 131:109764. DOI:10.1016/j.lwt.2020.109764Research Group involved: Food science and technology