Patrick José de Queiroz Materatski

Patrick José de Queiroz Materatski

Plant protection, Integrated in MED
Plant protection
Integrated in MED


Patrick Materatski (PM) obtained his PhD in Biology in 2015 at the University of Évora. PM is an Assistant Researcher at the Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development (MED) and at the Associate Laboratory Global Change and Sustainability Institute (CHANGE) of the University of Évora. PM's core research focuses on Plant pathology, more specifically on two main domains. The first concerns the study of plant viruses, either as pathogens and/or as biotechnological tools for plant protection. The second concerns the study of endophytic and pathogenic fungi in important crops, focused on the understanding of plant-pathogen interactions for the development of methods for biological control. During his career, PM published 29 papers, 23 of which in the last 5 years, all in indexed scientific journals, 7 as first author, 9 as corresponding author and 2 as senior author. PM has edited 1 book and published several technical reports in national journals directed to society. He is currently involved in 2 applications for patent and in the next 2 years he plans to have two more. PM was the academic editor of a 14 papers in high impact factor scientific journals. PM was nominated as the Portuguese delegate in COST Action CA20110: RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control (2021-2025). Last year, PM was granted by FCT with a contract for Assistant Researcher (2021.01553.CEECIND) in the frame of the Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (268k euros). PM is Principal investigator in 1 highly competitive project (238k euros) and participated(es) in 10 national and international projects as a team member or research fellow (3 of the total projects still ongoing) (global funding >1.5M Euros). He has always tried to involve students in his research; PM has supervised 1 Post-doc, 3 Master's students, 2 Master's fellows, 3 undergraduated students (2 ongoing) and has mentored 13 other students. In addition, PM has been a plant pathologist consultant for Municipalities, private sector and state agencies for the last years. During his career, He has participated in over 20 international and national conferences, and in 8 advanced interdisciplinary courses. PM's CV shows active involvement in technology transfer activities also through participations in actions of scientific disseminations such as European Researchers' Night. PM has demonstrated a high internationalization level which can be confirmed through several scientific collaborations with 48 different researchers from different countries across America, Europe and Africa.

Present Research
  • esiRNAs
  • Silencing
  • CIRSPR-CAS technology
  • RNAi
  • New viruses (DNA and RNA)
  • siRNAs
Research Interests
  • Biotechnology
  • Pathogenic fungi
  • Plant protection
  • Plant viruses
  • Biopesticides
  • Endophytic fungi

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Olive Groves & Olive Oil

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Project Funding Lead Institution Role Start End Scope
GAFAPROTECT - Controle da antracnose da oliveira através de silenciamento e expressão de genes utilizando um vírus de planta como vector Portugal 2020 - Alentejo 2020 Universidade de Évora MED Representative 2018-10-15 2021-10-14 Nacional
RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control. European Commission - COST Action MED Representative 2021-10-04 2025-10-03 Internacional