Ana Isabel Pereira Alexandre

Ana Isabel Pereira Alexandre

Plant protection, Integrated in MED
Plant protection
Integrated in MED


My research has been dedicated to the study of rhizobia diversity, as well as the investigation of the molecular bases of stress tolerance in these bacteria and the genes that can influence the interaction with the host plant. More recently, I have been dealing with problems that originate from practice and that are limiting for the development of agricultural crops. I am involved in research related to the control of diseases caused by bacteria and also in the study of microbial activity in soil and its connection with the management of agroecosystems.

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Thematic lines to which I contribute:
Viticulture & Enology
Agro-silvo-pastoral System - Montado
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning
Irrigated Agriculture


Project Funding Lead Institution Role Start End Scope
BIOPROTOMATE - Bioprotecção de Tomateiro Contra a Fusariose- Impacto das práticas agronómicas Portugal 2020 - Alentejo 2020 Universidade de Évora Participant 2020-10-28 2022-10-27 Nacional
Rede de Clubes Ciência Viva na Escola (Escola Secundária Odemira) PRR - Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência; Aviso 01/PRR/2021 - Programa Impulso Jovens STEAM e Impulso Adultos Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Candeias Gonçalves(Portugal) MED Representative 2022-02-11 2025-08-31 Nacional