Laboratory of Reproduction and Lactation

Multi-purpose facility used for teaching, research and external services.


Rui Miguel Carracha Charneca


Rui Miguel Carracha Charneca

Ricardo J. C. T. P. Romão


Ricardo J. C. T. P. Romão

Elisa Maria Varela Bettencourt


Elisa Maria Varela Bettencourt

Jordana Sena Lopes


Jordana Sena Lopes

Rita M. P. M. P. Carreira


Rita M. P. M. P. Carreira


Universidade de Évora- Pólo da Mitra
Complexo do Hospital Veterinário
Apartado 94
7006-554 Évora, Portugal

About us

The Laboratory of Reproduction and Lactation provides support to teaching, training and research and provides services in the field of Animal Reproduction and colostrum and milk production for domestic animals.


In general: 

Ruminant Assisted reproductive technologies 

Equine Assisted reproductive technologies 

Swine Assisted reproductive technologies 

Dogs Assisted reproduction 

Studies on the production and composition of colostrum and milk


Recent projects:

EQUI MAIS - Melhor produção equina (2020-2022)

Technical support to the preservation and genetic improvement programs of ruminants (2016-2019)

Reproductive management and reproduction biotechnology in Lusitano Pure Breed Horses (2016-2018)


Recent publications:

Paixão, G., Fontela, S.B., Marques, J., Esteves, A., Charneca, R., Payan-Carreira, R. (2021) Long-Term Immunocastration Protocols Successfully Reduce Testicles’ Size in Bísaro Pigs. Animals. 11(3), 632.

Charneca, R., Tirapicos Nunes, J., Freitas, A., Le Dividich, J. (2021). Effect of litter birth weight standardization before first suckling on colostrum intake, passive immunization, pre-weaning survival and growth of the piglets.

Rodrigues, J. A., Gonçalves, A.R., Antunes, L., Bettencourt, E. V. & Gama, L.T. (2020). Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing Gestation Length in Lusitano Horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 84, 102850.


- Breeding Soundness Examination (at the Lab or Ambulatory Services)

- Gynaecologic Exam (at the Lab or Ambulatory Services)

- Reproductive control 

- Pregnancy Diagnosis (at the Lab or Ambulatory Services)

- Semen Cryopreservation 

* through the Veterinary Hospital


-Microscopes and stereomicroscopes

-Computed Assisted Sperm Analyser (CASA) Sistem

-Sperm concentration determination fotometer

-Semen and embryo freezers

-Ruminant Electroejaculator

-Ultrasound Scanners

The Laboratory supports theoretical-practical and practical classes in the areas of Animal Reproduction, Gynecology, Andrology and Obstetrics and Animal Production Systems, in the following courses: Integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Agronomy.