Geotechnology equipment


José Rafael Marques da Silva


José Rafael Marques da Silva


Unidade de Apoio - Equipamento de Geotecnologias
Universidade de Évora – Pólo da Mitra
Apartado 94
7006-554 Évora, Portugal

+351 266 760 885*

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The Geotechnologies Unit broadly develops work in geomatics.

The available equipment includes: 

  • several global positioning systems (GNSS) with sub‑centimeter, sub‑metric and sub‑decametric accuracies;
  • several soil  geoelectric sensors (DUALEM and VERIS);
  • several multispectral sensors; thermal sensors;
  • UAV.


  • topographic surveys and physiographic analysis;
  • surface network drainage analysis and flood risks;
  • soil geoelectric surveys and consequent cartography;
  • development of soil nutrient application maps based on the geoelectric surveys and soil intelligent sampling thecniques;
  • cover maps from digital satellite image classification;
  • yield maps based on harvester yield monitors;
  • multispectral surveys in order to produce vegetation vigor maps;
  • geostatistical studies of agri-environmental variables;
  • development of thematic cartography UAVs.

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