Climate Change, a Threat for Food Safety and Nutritional Quality

Nov 25, 2022

Convite à submissão no Special Issue Climate Change, a Threat for Food Safety and Nutritional Quality, na revista Sustainability.

Palavras-chave: climate change and food safety; emerging foodborne pathogens; spread of antibiotic resistance genes; mycotoxins and food security; emerging risks for chemical contaminants in foods; sustainable agriculture; sustainable food processing; managing food supply chains; sustainable food systems; tackling food waste; sustainable aquaculture; the circular economy and nutritional quality; secondary raw materials; innovations in food packaging.

Amélia Delgado (MED, Universidade do Algarve)
Pasqualina Laganà (Universidade de Messina, Itália)

Prazos para submissão: 31 de julho de 2023